Updated Runscope API Fully Automates Workflow and API Testing

This week, Runscope launched a new and improved Runscope APITrack this API. The update allows developers to fully integrate Runscope functionality into workflows, and programmatically manage tests, environments and schedules. Previous versions granted access to Runscope data, but the new release allows for full Integration and complete control over API Test Automation and management. From the original read-only Runscope API launched in 2013, to the fully integrated, fully automated Runscope API announced this week; Runscope has come a long way.

Runscope set a bold goal for itself with the new API release: "We wanted our API to be just as robust, if not more so, than Runscope itself." In other words, Runscope has adopted an API-first strategy. It understands that meeting developers within their current environments is the best method of full adoption of a testing and management offering. Not surprisingly, Runscope's evolution stemmed from continuous developer feedback and requests. The broader the functionality available through an API, the better. Runscope has responded accordingly.

To achieve its goal, Runscope updated the API to include "nearly every capability [users] have in the Runscope UI, plus several major new features...". The RESTful API returns data in a JSON data format and allows users to mold Runscope to specific needs. New features include automation, bulk writing, importing, modification, streamlined advanced tests, and CI/CD integration. Developers can automate tests across multiple APIs and services. Bulk writing allows developers to create and delete/search and replace large scale tests at the same time. Importing allows users to transform schemas like Swagger into Runscope tests. Modification and streamline features allow users to easily edit and add steps to tests. The store functionality allows users to back up data. For a complete picture, visit the API docs.

Runscope's new API seems an obvious step for an API testing company. Full functionality through an API is clearly appropriate for a company that benefits from more and more API adoption. Runscope has created sample apps to help users get started. Further, the Runscope API Explorer helps users better understand and test functionality. Those interested can gain access with their existing API keys. 

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