Urban Mapping Releases Mass Transit Proximity API

San Francisco-based Urban Mapping has released a new Mass Transit Proximity API that allows developers to easily tap into the company's Mass Transit Database. The RESTful API includes two search methods to retrieve results for Station Stops Near a Point and Station Stops Near an Address.

The Urban Mapping blog provides some additional context for the API's utility:

Why is this interesting/of note? Let’s say you run a real estate website. You have listings, demographic data, schools data, quality of live issues, etc…But what is the nearest subway station or bus stop? The Mass Transit Proximity API allows interactive publishers to append their content with UMI’s mass transit info, so that apartment for sale on 35 Charlton Street in Manhattan would have Houston Street Station (1, 2 train) and Spring Street Station (C, E train) associated with it. Sexy, no, but useful, massively.

The API exposes a subset of data maintained for 53 mass transit systems in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Note that the API is not free, and interested developers will need to contact Urban Mapping for pricing and terms. However, the 'technical demo' does allow sample requests.

This is the second mapping API released by Urban Mapping, adding a complementary data service to the Neighborhood Mapping API that we covered at the beginning of the year. Despite the lack of free access for the Mass Transit Proximity API (the Neighborhood Mapping API offers "freemium" access), this API is a nice addition to the mass transit resources available for developers. As some of you may remember, one of our previous posts covered Google's Mass Transit Feeds and Mass Transit Mashups.

You can check out more on the announcement via the official press release on the API. We have added an API profile for the Mass Transit Proximity API to our API directory, and we will be updating it with additional informaiton as developers notify us of mashups they have developed with it. Additional information is also available on the Urban Mapping Developer Portal.

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