Urbanesia Opens Up Location Data with API

Urbanesia, the leading Indonesian lifestyle directory website, announced the launch of the Urbanesia open API. The open API enables third-party developers to incorporate Urbanesia's location data into third-party apps. The API allows developers to retrieve location data generally or in categories (e.g. restaurants, tourist spots, etc.). Selina Limman, Urbanesia CEO, commented: "We hope Urbanesia’s API can increase the developers’ creativity as they can [now] focus more on application development rather than data collection."

More than 25 apps are already utilizing Urbanesia's open API. The successful Integration with popular apps, such as Jan Jan and Harpoen, has already led to more partnership opportunities. For instance, one of the largest Indonesian property websites (Ruman123.com) announced an exclusive partnership with Urbanesia. Ruman123.com expects the integration partnership to increase leads for agents and appeal to a broader market.

The API utilizes a REST API and responses use a JSON data format. The API uses OAuth v1.0 for security. Developers interested in the API can sign up for access here.

Although the API is targeted for a focused geography (Indonesia), opening location data to third-party developers should open up opportunities that would not arise without offering an open API. Urbanesia has already enjoyed new markets as partnerships have opened doors into areas from real estate to "digital graffiti."

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