URL Shortening Goes Enterprise with BudURL.Pro

Link shortening is no longer just something you do to fit into tweets or keep emails from wrapping. For many, especially those in marketing, it's also a great way to track clicks as their content gets spread across the web. BudURL keeps its focus on fulfilling the link shortening needs of businesses. And now it's added a professional version with custom URLs, analytics and a BudURL.Pro API to access it all.

With accounts starting at $48 per month, BudURL.Pro is definitely aimed at businesses. It offers multiple users, multiple domains and Integration with Twitter--because, yes, many short URLs still end up there. Much like the standard BudURL API, BudURL.Pro can create and decode shortened URLs. The pro version also adds API access to analytics, including clicks by day.

Other services, such as Bit.ly, allow custom domains and click analytics. However, according to BudURL CEO Andy Meadows, the issue is not whether the data is available, but who has access to it. "Most of our customers are looking at protecting their data, not sharing their data," Meadows said. "Our product is all about privacy and security. You're paying for a service either through your privacy or your dollars."

BudURL points to a number of features that its competitors don't have, largely because those services don't have paying customer to request them. It could also be that casual users of link shorteners don't need IP blocking, for example. BudURL's customers, which include AT&T and Coca-Cola, have needs beyond most of us.

Along with the launch of BudURL.Pro, the company added on-the-fly mobile landing pages with Facebook "Like" button integration. That means that a BudURL doesn't even need to have a destination. Instead, it is the destination. BudURL's Meadows hopes to include the landing page creation into its API. In fact, the company's intention is to bake all aspects of its site into the API. "Whatever the plan itself supports, the API will as well," Meadows said.

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