Usablenet RESTful APIs Provide Mobile Access to Web Apps

When it comes to mobile computing most organizations are relying on applications that are running on a number of devices that remotely access data via an API. The folks at Usablenet are leveraging RESTful APIs to make the case for the exact opposite scenario.

Usablenet has relaunched an API service where both the data and application are being accessed primarily on the service. According to Usablenet chief innovation strategist Jason Taylor, the company’s Agile Web Services technology enables users to access web applications in a way that is not only much simpler to manage, but also better preserves the fidelity of the original Web application. All too often, explains Taylor, developers try to replicate the experience of a web application on a mobile computing device. The end result, however, winds up being a bifurcated experience that leaves users of the application wondering why one experience is so different from another.

Usablenet Agile Web Services leverages emulation technology that Usablenet developed to allow organizations to turn any element of a Web site into a JSON-compatible software that can be exposed via a set of RESTful APIs, Taylor says. From a management perspective Taylor says rather than engaging in debates over the merits of native versus HTML5 applications, Usablenet Agile Web Services allows organizations to focus on a single code base. In addition, Taylor notes that most organizations have already spent a significant amount of money optimizing the performance of their applications; an investment that can now be extended to include users of mobile computing devices. In contrast, other mobile computing approaches often require investments in separate IT infrastructure for support.

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After an initial rush to embrace all things mobile, many IT organizations are starting to look for a more practical approach that doesn’t necessarily involve hiring additional teams of developers to create dedicated mobile applications for the ever increasing number of platforms. Usablenet Agile Web Services, says Taylor, provides a more economical approach to supporting billions of mobile computing devices while still giving organizations granular control over what content and applications ultimately are exposed to users both inside and out of the enterprise.

Usablenet Agile Web Services provides an alternative to supporting users of mobile computing devices that may not appeal to every organization. But for organizations that have limited development budgets leveraging emulation software and RESTful APIs may prove appealing; especially in an age where organizations are more sensitive to providing a consistent User Experience than ever.

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