Use Bury Recorder To Watch Digg Buries

Another interesting mashup added to our listings recently is the Digg Bury Recorder which is built on top of data pulled from Digg Spy. For a bit of the why and how, creator David Hurth at Ajaxonomy gives this introduction:

If you have been using the popular service Digg you know that it is very easy to submit a story and to see it start to gain traction just to be buried into the dark abyss. What I find particularly frustrating is that you don't know how many people buried the story and the reason for the bury. If you have seen Digg Spy you have noticed that the application does show buries, but you can't just track data for a particular story.

In this case you give the application the story's URL and click "Watch for buries". An Ajax UI automatically refreshes to give a dynamic history of all buries for a given story. In the background the server code fetches and parses JSON data from Digg Spy every 20 seconds to get the updates. One added bonus with this application is that it's open source so you can download the code, see how it works, and if so inclined create and host your version.

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