USgeocoder API Updates Jurisdiction Boundaries

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Online Image, a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) company, has added the new 2015 Congressional Districts and State Legislatures to its address-to-political district matching API, USgeocoder. The API connects every voter to their representatives at the Federal and State levels. The additions are timely because, as of January 3, 2015, state senators from California, Georgia, and Michigan, house delegates from Texas, all state legislators in Alabama, Alaska,Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, and Pennsylvania, and Congressmen from Minnesota will hail from newly redrawn districts. 

Grassroots organizations and trade groups use the USgeocoder API to direct advocacy messages to those representatives considering bills in committee. “We want citizens ready to advise on opening day, so we incorporated the new districts now. Better still, Government Relations teams will be able to prepare in advance and still have time for the Holidays,” said Mitchell Pearce,CEO of Online Image.

“The API is replacing zip-to-district files because it returns extensive information for every address in the US, not just mailing addresses. The USPS delivers to only 90% of the addresses in the US so the older zip-to-district technology misses over 10% of voters in the US,” Pearce continued.

“In the past, organizations wanted to use zip-to-district files because they were afraid data about their members and addresses could be scraped and served up to their opponents in the form of ads or competitive intelligence for sale. USgeocoder’s REST technology prevents the scraping of data from the user experience,” said Pearce.

USgeocoder returns XML results to any Internet application in real time. The API also updates mailing address changes such as new zip codes,split zip codes, new addresses and new carrier routes as the USPS makes them available. This replaces the zip to district update cycle cost with a $0 alternative.

For more about USgeocoder API and its automated services for political district by address and congressional district by address, visit

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