With V.me, Visa Aims to Simplify Digital Payments

Payment is a critical piece of any application and new usage patterns have indicated that users are likely to do their purchase from a variety of devices and applications. It is important to create the right experience within the application so that the payment process is seamless to the user. Visa, one of the key players in the payment industry, has announced the launch of its developer program to consolidate all its offerings and push its new digital wallet service, V.me, that is slated to launch in early 2012. The V.me by Visa API is available to developers now for beta testing.

The Visa Developer Center aims to be a one stop site for developers to get access to a range of payment solutions that can be incorporated from e-commerce websites to in-app purchases in mobile applications. All the APIs, Documentation and SDKs needed to make online shopping with Visa will be available at the site. The tools will be not just from Visa but also from its subsidiaries CyberSource, Authorize.Net and PlaySpan.

Visa has also announced V.me, a digital wallet that consumers can use to pay online as well as in person with a PC, tablet or mobile device using Visa and non-Visa accounts. The tools provided by V.me to the developer will help them embed this option directly into websites and mobile applications. The V.me program is currently in Beta and is expected to launch in early 2012. You need to sign up for the program to gain access to the API Key Pair and the Sandbox environment that will allow you to test out your application.

Integration of V.me in your website is straightforward and consists of working with special tags that Visa has created. You then need to handle the callbacks and notifications to determine the success of the transaction and optionally if you want to customize the experience further. Take a look at the Sample Code that shows how to embed the V.me functionality using JavaScript/HTML.

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