Vacation Labs API Provides Online Booking Functionality for Tour Operators

For tour operators, there is a lot more involved than just planning exciting travel experiences. It's the stuff behind the scenes, like accounting, collecting payments and processing the bookings, that can add a lot of extra time and admin to the job. This is where a tool like Vacation Labs can be beneficial. It's an online booking system that handles pretty much everything within the travel organizing process. The Vacation Labs Tours and Activities API puts all this functionality in the hands of those who wish to build a custom experience to suit their needs.

The Vacation Labs Platform includes a variety of features that help to make the booking process an easy and efficient one, for both the tour operator and the end user. Customers don't have to send emails to find out about availability; instead they are able to see live availability and rates on the site. For the tour operator, a lot of the admin side is automated, saving time and effort. Things like processing the bookings, collecting payments, sending reminder emails, sending confirmation emails and sending feedback requests are all covered. In addition, the system automatically lists tour operators on multiple marketplaces, helping them to distribute their products to a wider audience.

In order to make use of the API, developers will need to authenticate themselves by sending the API Key and secret key as query parameters for every API Request. They will need to create an account to get the Account API key and the user secret key. Further API information is available on the Vacation Labs website.

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