For Valentine's Day, Deliver Flowers via Your Custom App

It's Valentines Day today. It is estimated that around 110 million roses (majority of them red) are sold during the 3-day period around Valentine’s day. What has this got to do with APIs that we normally write about? Well guess what, if you dig APIs, Florist One and its Florist One API can help you start selling flowers online.

Using Florist One's API you can embed functionality that will help people to purchase flowers from your site. The delivery logistics are managed for you via Florist One channels and in return as part of the affliate program, you get to earn a 22% commission on the sale. The flowers are delivered by a network of over 15,000 local florists in USA and Canada.

To get started with the Florist One API, you need to sign up first. Before you sign up though, you need to be part of the affiliate program, so enroll in that first to get your Affiliate ID. Once you get the credentials, check out the API documentation that describes the Florist One API. The API is SOAP based and has methods named getProducts() for getting flower information, getDeliveryDates() to get valid delivery dates, getTotal() to display to the user the total before the final method placeOrder() is invoked. You will also need to pass in your API Key and Password with each call. To help test your application out, Florist One even has a test mode with a sample MasterCard account to test out the billing cycle.

If you are looking for ideas on what sort of applications you can make with the Florist One API, check the suggestions here. While nothing beats the feeling of actually delivering the flowers yourself to your loved ones, how about developing an application with the API to make it easier for others?

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