Valet Car Locator Automates its App with Google Location APIs

Valet, car locator app for Android, has expanded beyond a handy reminder of where you parked your car. Valet was quick to jump on Google's recent release of location APIs and expand its functionality. Before the latest location APIs, a Valet user would need to manually start a timer and notify the app when parked so the app could drop a pin. With the locations APIs now integrated, the entire process becomes automated which eliminates the possibility of forgetting to set your app. Valet founder, Will Roman, expanded:

"Everyone who drives can appreciate this....Parking tickets suck, and so does forgetting where you parked on a busy day, when visiting a new city, or after a night of drinking. With Integration of the new Google Play Services location API’s, all features can be automated on over 95 percent of Android devices thereby preventing you from ever loosing your vehicle or getting a parking ticket again."

In only a few months on the market, interest for Valet has exploded with heavy press coverage and a "Best New Android App" award from the Android Police. However, its interest should only grow with its new location API enabled features. According to Roman, Valet marks the first parking app to integrate the location APIs. Valet was already noted as "simple" to use, but the new automation features streamline the app further.

The updated Valet app relies on the location APIs' activity recognition and location sensing features. Accordingly, the app recognizes when a driver parks the car, notes its location, and remembers the location for the user. No more manually starting a clock to remind you to Feed the meter. The Google location APIs have delivered a new set of tools upon which innovative developers will undoubtedly build game changing apps. Valet constitutes one such disruptor.

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