Validic Connect Aggregates Data From Health Care Devices and Apps

Validic, a digital health platform provider, has launched a developer Platform that allows mobile health devices and apps to build directly to Validic's network, Validic Connect. Validic Connect provides an API to which companies can integrate directly with the Validic marketplace. The marketplace directly connects such partners to health care providers, pharmaceutical firms, wellness providers, payers and health care IT providers.

"Validic is committed to delivering new, innovative and unique mobile health technologies to its customer base," Drew Schiller, Validic's co-founder and CTO, said in a press release. "We are excited to welcome several new Integration partners. ... These devices are providing health care organizations with incredibly relevant and actionable clinical data to aid in the improvement of care and outcomes."

Validic has established itself as a leading cloud-based health data aggregator. Its network collects data from in-home clinical data devices, wearables and applications. The API release through Validic Connect should only expand its partner base. Recent additions to its partner network include Lumo, Biomedtrics, SunSprite, Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone and FitLinxx.

"Utilizing Validic Connect to build directly to Validic's Digital Health Platform has enabled quick deployment of our SunSprite device to our customers," Ed Likovich, CEO at GoodLux Technology, said in a press release. "This was an easy decision and an easy connection for us. With innovation in health care occurring at such a rapid pace, building directly to Validic once versus multiple times to a variety of other health care technology is a strategic advantage for us."

Validic continues to grow its connected partner base, with 36 new connected devices recently added to its ecosystem. The platform brings a wide array of health-related data together in a single access point for health care providers. API access to the platform should only help Validic add to its base and attract new users through the developer community and smart device manufacturers.

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