ValueAppeal Puts Money In U.S. Homeowner's Pockets

ValueAppeal is a service to help U.S. homeowners appeal the assessed value of their home.  Over-assessed property results in taxes that are higher than they should be.  This means that homeowners may be over-paying their taxes by anywhere from $500 to $1,000 or more.  I wouldn’t mind keeping an extra $1,000 of my money per year going forward and I bet the same goes for most of America.  If you have a website focused on real estate (did anyone mention this to Zillow?) the ValueAppeal API could augment it with compelling information.

ValueAppeal specializes in understanding the differences in valuation the appeal process in each jurisdiction.  Property values can only be appealed during the “appeal window” and this appeal window is not uniform across the country.  Some windows are 45 days, others can be 60 days or even several months long.

This RESTful API is incredibly simple.  The single API method only returns the estimated tax savings.  Almost all API calls will return 0.  In order to return a value, the property must be within it’s appeal window and also be overassed.  This is all according to ValueAppeal’s private collection of appeal window dates and their proprietary valuation algorithm.  You can take your responses in XML or JSON.

There are 35 real estate APIs in the directory, but this one adds some unique, niche information that isn’t likely to be duplicated.

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