The Varied Ways to View Google's Many Developer Tools

Want Google APIs? We list 84 Google APIs in our directory. But that's not the only way to look at its developer landscape. The search giant has come up with a visualization that uses a periodic table metaphor, which may very well take you back to chemistry classes. But instead of rare earth metals and halogens, you have gadgets and search.

In all, the table separates its developer tools into 10 groups: mobile, search, gadgets, data APIs, social, misc, ads, geo, tools and Chrome. There's some overlap between categories, so you can hover over the category to see which items are part of that group.

When viewing Google's own directory of its developer tools, it takes a number of screens worth of scrolling before I reach the bottom, so there's definitely something to be said for the periodic table visualization.

Some other ways to look at Google's many developer tools? How about our list sorted by popular Google APIs? Google Maps and YouTube lead the way. Also, there's the can't-miss guest post from developer advocate Pamela Fox: Google APIs: A to Z.

Hat tip: Josh Heumann