VeChain Introduces Thor v1.3.3

VeChain, an IoT and Blockchain provider, has released v1.3.3 of VeChain Thor, its general-purpose blockchain offering. The release is a maintenance release, mainly focused on bug fixes and other flaws. However, a new feature has been added that allows apps to query the API for information related to pending transactions.

The other changes were described in VeChain's GitHub announcement:

  • for customnet: accept bigint in hexadecimal string
  • fix a minor bug that in the rare case the master node will ignore better block, when receives two or more blocks with the same number almost at the same time
  • improve solo in on-demand mode
  • bump API version to 1.3.2

VeChain has kept a quick pace with releases for VeChain Thor. It is targeting the enterprise with the product, specifically supply chain operations. From launch to date, VeChain has upgraded Thor again and again in attempts to make the offering attractive to enterprise supply chain applications. To learn more, visit the VeChain logistics site.

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