Venturesity Hosts Hackathons to Pinpoint Developer Talent

Venturesity takes a “hackathon approach” to finding developer talent for startups. Venturesity was created upon the notion that resumes cannot fully portray a candidate’s potential — or their shortcomings. Instead, a hackathon gives a real-world problem that candidates can solve to prove their talent and usefulness to a potential employer. The auction feature of Venturesity’s approach allows multiple employers to bid on candidates based on the candidates’ performance over the course of a hackathon.

“A lot of companies are fighting for good talent. One of the models we wanted to try out was hackathon-meets-auction,” Venturesity co-founder Subhendu Panigrahi  commented.

Founded in 2013, Venturesity co-founders were entrenched in the startup ecosystem and identified hiring as a major pain point for resource-strapped startups. After Panigrahi was introduced to hackathons as a new approach to solving problems across a spectrum of industries and organizations, he figured the same approach could help fill gaps in hiring. Subsequently, Panigrahi and co-founder Prashant Koirala launched Venturesity to test their idea. Venturesity allows companies to get as specific as they deem necessary to uncover skills. Some companies go as far as to expose a company API to create a true-to-form “day in the life” as a developer for the company. Panigrahi continued:

“If you say make me a chair and they make you a stool, it may serve a purpose of sitting but it is not what you want. You cannot test that capability unless you give very exhaustive problems.”

Venturesity hackathons are either offline or online. In 2014, Venturesity hosted 14 hackathons and that number is expected to grow in 2015. In the next couple of weeks, Venturesity will host an online hackathon with ten companies participating and an offline hackathon in Bangalore a week later. The process is very straightforward. Companies post challenges, participants sign in and register, problem statements are triggered, participants submit solutions, and ratings are assigned to solutions. After the five-step process has concluded, companies can bid on candidates that best fit a company’s needs. To learn more, visit Venturesity’s home page. 

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