Verbalizeit: Instant Human Translation Right When You Need it Most

Have you ever been sick in a foreign country but unable to communicate what you needed? Or robbed and needing help without the cash to pay for it or the language to convey it? That's what happened to the two founders who went on to create Verbalizeit out of that experience, Ryan Frankel and Kunal Sarda. Their Verbalizeit API lets you connect users to human translators on conference calls and on the web. The API webpage shows an API split between voice translation and text translation.

But this crowd-sourced translation company serves up more than text and telephone conversation translations. FlixMaster, a creator of tools that people can use to make interactive videos, uses VerbalizeIt, according to Justin Pot of the Boulder iJournal:

"FlixMaster, for its part, is allowing Fellow TechStars alumnus VerbalizeIt to build interactive training videos for their translators." uses verbalizeit to discuss matters with international clients, and an audio clip of one conversation can be heard at verbalizeit.

"TextUs.Biz is a Boulder Colorado-based company that provides a robust browser and mobile application-based text messaging platform.

After seeing VerbalizeIt’s Techstars Demo Day presentation, TextUs.Biz began using the VerbalizeIt iPhone application to converse with potential international customers."

Verbalizeit is currently integrated into Skype, Twilio, TripLingo, and Qualvu, with apps available for the iPhone and Android devices. It currently supports five different languages: French, Portuguese, Hindi, Mandarin, and Spanish.

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