Vericred Launches Disruption Analysis API

Vericred, a company that provides the infrastructure for the digital distribution of health insurance, recently launched its Disruption Analysis API. The API allows users to assess the disruption (positive or negative) that would take place by switching a health or dental insurance plan for a certain group of employees. The company anticipates that the likely users for the API are employer benefits departments and insurance brokers, and the InsurTech companies that build tools for these users.

"Traditionally, it's been expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive for brokers and employers to examine how switching to a new insurance plan would disrupt members; in-network access to their preferred doctors and dentists," Vericred CEO, Michael W. Levin, commented in a press release. "Using our new Disruption Analysis API, InsurTech companies can effortlessly bring to their customers features that are imperative in today's complex insurance market."

Vericred has built the logic and designated the data required to streamline a disruption analysis. Through the API, users gain programmatic access to this functionality. The API includes all major medical and dental networks. The API is the latest API in Vericred's Provider-Network Data solutions.

The Disruption Analysis API is RESTful. Specifically, it calculates the percentage of a provider NPIs that are out-of-network for a set of networks. Check out the API docs for more information. Those interested will need an account for access.

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