Verizon Hyper Precise Location Promises Centimeter Accuracy for Location Data via API

Verizon has unveiled a new location technology called Hyper Precise Location (HPL) that the company claims takes data accuracy from meters to centimeters. The new service will be provided via an API as part of Verizon’s ThingSpace Portal for IoT integrations.

Verizon is positioning HPL as a boon for the intelligent driving and Internet of Things industries. In addition to location data, HPL is also useful for providing real-time kinematics data (information regarding the motion of an object). These two data sets, combined with API access and standardized data formats is what Verizon is relying on to set HPL apart from competitive products. The announcement highlighted that:

“HPL embraces open delivery standards including RTCM for its data streams, with others to be added on a rolling basis. IoT devices using HPL can be accessed and managed through a user API and the ThingSpace IoT management Platform. Support resources on ThingSpace will detail API Integration, coverage availability, and more.”

Verizon HPL, which was first announced as forthcoming in the summer of 2020, is now available for integration in over 100 US markets. 

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