Verizon Media Launches Ads SDK

Verizon Media has launched the Verizon Ads SDK. The SDK allows app developers to access some of Verizon Media's best monetization assets in a single SDK. Such assets include AOL, Yahoo, and the entire Oath Ad Platform. Further, the SDK is already integrated with the IAB Tech Lab Measurement SDK to facilitate openness, transparency and choice.

A major goal of the singular SDK is simplicity over time. As new monetization opportunities arise in the future, that asset will be included within the SDK so that developers don't need to add new SDKs in the future. Instead, an additional plug-in will be the only requirement.

The SDK is available for both iOS and Android. The SDK is modular with Verizon Media taking care of size and extensibility concerns. The classes within the SDK are all based on monetizing mobile apps. Check out the integration prerequisites to understand what is required to integrate with the new SDK.

To use the SDK, developers will need a Verizon Media account. For those who already have an account, take a look at the SDK migration information to learn how to upgrade to the new Verizon Ads SDK. Browse all of the docs here.

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