Verizon's Yahoo Knowledge Team Launches YK-COVID-19 Dataset and API

Verizon, owner of Verizon Media and Yahoo, through its Yahoo Knowledge team, has announced the release of the YK-COVID-19 dataset and associated programming tools. The dataset includes COVID-19 related data extracted from a number of Yahoo sources including Yahoo news, yahoo finance, Yahoo Weather, and Yahoo search. That data is combined and normalized with government-provided data to provide a useful tool that researchers can use to understand and help combat the current pandemic.

The dataset is now available through the YK-COVID-19 GitHub repo. The Yahoo Knowledge team understands that the data alone doesn't solve the problem. To help make use of this rich data, Verizon has published an APITrack this API and dashboard to help utilize this data. Through the API and other tools, Verizon encourages developers and researchers to build applications utilizing the API and the dataset.

The API was built using Verizon Media's open-source Platform: Elide. The dashboard was built with, Leaflet, and the Denali design system. Other tools currently used in the creation, maintenance, and use include HERE,,, and Kubernetes. Check out everything the Yahoo team has built so far at the dashboard site.

The dataset is available under a Creative Commons license. For access, submit a request to the team. The dataset already includes data from the country, state, and county-levels. The team plans on adding metadata and more granularity soon.

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