Version 1.0 of the Tin Can API Goes Live

After three years of work, Rustici Software and partners are happy to announce that the Tin Can API version 1.0 will officially launch April 26, 2013. Tin Can constitutes an "experience API" that enables data collection from a wide range of sources. The API collects data from human interactions with each other, technology, and groups and can standalone or integrate with a learning management system (LMS). Rustici Software Presdient, Mike Rustici, commented:

"We spent the past decade surrounded by e-learning geeks....We think we’ll spend the next decade surrounded by K-12, teachers, hackers, universities, government, education technology, MOOCs, games, and an array of real-world use cases we can’t even imagine yet."

The Tin Can API represents a huge opportunity for the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative and the public release has been long awaited. ADL aims at creating collaborative and next generation learning methods personalized to individual learners. The Tin Can brings the needed personalization, on-demand, and distributed means necessary to revolutionize learning. While in beta, the Tin Can API was on display at NY Edtech earlier this year.

The API uses REST protocol and returns calls in XML or JSON data formats. In use, the Tin Can API collects data from actions and interactions where learning can occur. An application signals a learning event and the API sends the event to a learning system. To learn more, visit the API site.

The educational landscape continues to change rapidly. With programs such as the Advance Distributed Learning Initiative flipping traditional educational norms on their head, the ability to incorporate next generation technology lies before us. The Tin Can API delivers potential that even its creators cannot imagine.

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