Versium Launches Big Data API

Versium, big data solution provider, has opened access to its LifeData platform via the Versium Analytics API. The LifeData platform captures data created by customer and enterprise transactions. After capture, Versium consolidates massive volumes of customer and enterprise data and produces insights rarely understood without a powerful big data engine. API access to LifeData platform allows companies to utilize Versium's matching algorithms and verification technology within existing tools and applications.

Versium has seen significant uptake in its services and more utilization of its robust tool set as enterprises have started to see positive ROI in a big data strategy. Opening up its API to partner enterprises has increased adoption. 411 Locate utilized the Analytics API to drive its base product. 411 Locate CEO, Jason Llorin, commented:

"We receive thousands of requests for people-centric data and property findings a day, and we pride ourselves in ranking amongst the best for these services, so we looked for a partner to provide us with the best tools possible. Access to Versium's LifeData and predictive analytics platform through their API has been integral in helping us easily access unique behavioral information and predictive intelligence in a fast, easy and presentable fashion."

The Analytics API uses REST protocol and returns calls in an XML or JSON data format. Developers gain access to both data services and scoring services through the API. Three types of params are used. For more information, visit the API site.

Big data has clearly moved beyond the hype stage. Services like Versium have exploded in the market and have proven business value to enterprises across the globe through positive ROI. As big data continues to provide value, additional services (e.g. API access) will become more and more demanded as users look to include big data services alongside or embedded in existing applications. Versium could be ahead of the curve as its API already drives base services.

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