Vesigo Studios Adds Webhooks to OnTime API for Real-TIme Communication

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OnTime 360 courier software, provided by Vesigo Studios, recently added Webhooks to its OnTime API. The OnTime API allows users to connect other applications and services to their OnTime account. These new Webhooks are available as part of the OnTime Workflow Designer and make efficient, real-time, two-way communication a reality for anyone using the OnTime API.

“We are always excited when we can implement a technology that will open up more opportunities for couriers. By extending our Platform API with Webhooks ( HTTP POST) we are able to make real-time communication a reality for our customers in the developer community. And because of the ubiquitous nature of HTTP POST, virtually any system and programming language can take advantage of this,” says Jeremiah Tilley, Principal Software Architect at Vesigo Studios.

A webhook is like an API Endpoint, but inverted, allowing applications to receive output from OnTime. Instead of making a call to the OnTime API, users define a Callback URL that OnTime will HTTP POST information to as events occur. That callback URL can then execute code based on those POSTs. Webhooks are compatible with virtually any programming language, website, or software system.

The two-way communication that Webhooks make possible can be utilized by developers to create apps that send and receive information from customers and employees. Additionally, OnTime can now be connected to existing applications and services and make more effective use of actions relating to communication. The OnTime Workflow Designer makes it possible to set up Webhooks that automatically post with dynamic information when a subscribed event occurs. This is accomplished by including dynamic data in the query string of the URL as it is posted. 

The OnTime API is available with OnTime Enterprise subscriptions and higher. Informative and instructional documents are available at

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