On Veterans Day, Where Are the Arlington Cemetery Mashups?

Everywhere you look, there's a map mashup for just about any recognized monument. Yet, those looking to find the location of graves in the U.S. Arlington National Cemetery won't find such a mashup. There are some things that come close, but nothing that utilizes a mapping API. What's more, it seems the cemetery itself is stuck in the past when it comes to organizing its own information.

The topic of mapping Arlington came up in the U.S. Senate this summer. A choice quote was captured by Directions Magazine:

So let me get this straight. It's 2010. We've got this amazing piece of technology right here [holding up Sen. Claire McCaskill's iPad] We've got cell phones, we've got iPhones, we've got this and that. And you guys are still dealing in cards. I just can't get my head around that.

To be fair, the cemetery does have an interactive map, but it's not a mashup and leaves much to be desired. Some places are available as a KML file, which can then be visualized in most map APIs, or on Google Maps.

Perhaps the best take on it is the Arlington Cemetary Flickr group, which has a map visualization (pictured above) with the locations of each photo.

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