Viator Tourism Booking To Open Platform

Viator has announced plans to further open their tourism advice platform for continued supplier contribution. Established in 2005 and acquired in July for $200 million by TripAdvisor, Viator is a tours and activities marketplace where travelers can search for deals on sightseeing and tourism activities by destination. With the release of the Viator API, affiliates have been able to receive data and automate real time bookings, but much of the tourism sector has been slow to respond to these new technologies. 

With 10 million global travelers visit the site each month, Viator has become the largest seller of online tours. Though in the past the service has exclusively curated the product lineup, this is all about to change in 2015. The platform is expected to open up completely, allowing integration with any tourism supplier. With the aim to simplify and encourage platform adoption, Viator buttons will link any tourism supplier's website to the Viator platform, now synced with 10 inventory and booking management systems. Interested suppliers can sign up to the waiting list for priority access to the new platform. 

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After unveiling API, Viator to move from curated to open platform