The Vibetrace API: A Recommendation Engine for the Rest of Us

The Vibetrace API integrates Vibetrace's recommendation engine, accessing virtually any e-commerce Platform. The name of the game, of course, is to move people from your target market to become visitors, then shoppers, regular customers and finally, part of your engaged community. Vibetrace's secret sauce for increasing conversion rates is a csutom built recommendation engine. It joins nearly 200 e-commerce APIs in our directory.

The documentation on GitHub notes that API traffic is via HTTPS, using Basic HTTP authentication. The RESTful API with JSON responses integrates Vibetrace's ability to provide real-time recommendations. Recommendations can be based on search engine keywords, similar items, cross-sell, up-sell, search results, email retargeting, basket recommendations among others.

Emails can be sent through Vibetrace's tools that tailor offertings based on purchasing and browsing history of the customer. But the emails do more than advertise. Vibetrace notes that shopping cart abandonment can reach 60%, and a key task is to convert these shoppers into buyers. Once they become buyers, asking for reviews, sending personalized newsletters and exclusive offers becomes key to building engagement. In addition to communication tools, Vibetrace also provides shopping analytics and social commerce widgets.

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