Extends API with View Statistics, a service of, offers services like video transcoding, device detection, delivery, and storage. The company announced an extension of its API, to allow Pro customers to retrieve view statistics of their videos. According to Jeff Malkin, president of, this has been "the most highly-anticipated feature request" since the launch of Pro last summer.

Besides the press release about the new API call, founder and CEO Greggory Heil also provides further insights into the implementation details of the new GetStatistics API call in a blog post. According to Heil, the API allows the retrieval of the following data points for videos shared via

  • Vendor (Desktop or Mobile)
  • Model (Mobile Device Manufacturer, Apple)
  • Platform (Mobile Brand, iPhone)
  • OS (Operating System, Windows)
  • Browser (Browser, Firefox)
  • Browser Ver (Browse, 9.0.1)
  • Hits (Number of video plays)

As is collecting viewership data across 6,000 mobile devices and browsers, the company is also able to provide other interesting analytics. According to a press release of the company in January, the aggregated view statistics have revealed a dramatic increase of users accessing videos from Android OS-based devices versus Apple iOS devices.

This shows again, data is everything, and APIs make data accessible. We are looking forward to more interesting analytics from and in the coming months.

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