Video API and Mashup Growth Accelerates

pwmashupsIn the past two weeks, video related mashups have been the largest category of new mashups added to the ProgrammableWeb mashups catalog. In the two weeks ending on July 6, 25% of new mashups were in the video category. This amounts to 10 new mashups using video APIs in just 14 days (327 total). The new mashups gather information about movies (mooDump, Reelz Review, World of Bollywood), help with travel planning (TVtrip and Travel Around the World), and more. Video is clearly front and center for many mashup developers.

Taking a quick look at the lastest video mashups reveals that the YouTube and AOL/Truveo Video Search APIs are currently the favored platforms for developing new video mashups. Other video APIs that are attracting interest include Vimeo, LiveVideo, and

The Reelz Review mashup shown above (our profile), brings movie data, such as ratings, reviews, previews, deals, and rental offers, into one mashup page by combining APIs from Amazon eCommerce, Commission Junction, eBay, Google Search, and YouTube.

Or take the The iGoogle Video Search mashup integrates the AOL Video Search API (aka Truveo) with the Google Homepage API, providing a capability for searching videos from YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, online news channels, and many other sites.

While most new mashups are using established video APIs, new video APIs also continue to appear. Since we summarized the 30 available video APIs in February, 9 new video APIs have been published, including the new video search service Medioh, and video streaming and distribution APIs like Yahoo Live, Ustream.TV and the latest, PermissionTV.

Growth in the video space continues to accelerate, both in number of APIs and applications using them.

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