Vidyard API: Creating Video Campaigns That Hit The Mark

Online video is a widely used marketing tool and a great way to interact with customers, but with the lack of accurate analytics tools, many video campaigns have been a bit of a guessing game. That's where Vidyard comes in. It's a video marketing Platform designed to give users the tools to see exactly how their videos are working, providing them with the valuable insight required in order to make the most of their video investment. Vidyard also makes this functionality available to developers via the Vidyard API.


Vidyard gets straight to the bottom line - it's about turning views into sales. Understanding how clients respond to or interact with the content is key, and Vidyard provides a variety of features to facilitate this process. Users can customise the look of their video players, test different thumbnails to see which ones get the most clicks, see what customers are watching and for how long, see what parts of the video are being skipped or watched again, as well as add built-in calls to action. In addition, the system integrates easily with other sales and marketing tools such as Eloqua, Marketo, and Hubspot. In a recent Forbes article, Michael Litt, CEO and co-founder of Vidyard says,

"Being able to Feed this user-level video engagement data into your core sales and marketing tools is the ultimate enabler for marketers and sales-people. By pumping key video analytics - what videos were viewed, for how long were they viewed, etc. - directly into lead or contact records in your MAP or CRM, you’re able to seamlessly integrate your video content executions right into your sales and marketing wheelhouse. Now video data can be used like every other piece of data in your system: for segmentation, nurturing, scoring and passing on to your sales team."


The Vidyard API is built to be easy to use and gives users full access to the rest of the platform. Developers will find simple Documentation and direct support from Vidyard's development team. Those who are interested are invited to contact Vidyard for further information.

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