VidyoConferencing 3.0: New Capabilities Available With API Integration

Vidyo's VidyoConferencing 3.0 is a major release including a new desktop conferencing system, a sharing and collaboration system,  and two new room system form factors. One of the most interesting features is Vidyoweb that works in browsers to include users of IM clients such as Skype and Google and streamlined experience for guest users on the system.

According to the press release, the room systems are built on top of the Intel® NUC (next unit of computing):

“Companies can now confidently invest in enterprise-wide solutions that add intuitive and viral end-user experiences to the industry’s most scalable video communications system,” said Ofer Shapiro, co-founder and CEO of Vidyo. “We have seen customer growth explode to an unprecedented level; one customer’s usage has peaked at 750 concurrent calls, another purchased a 1,000 rooms systems in a single deployment, and a third purchased capacity that will support 500 million minutes a year. The lessons from working with these huge use cases have made the Vidyo offering more robust and user-friendly than any other solution on the market.”

Vidyo has a suite of APIs that developers can use to integrate its new Platform. Its APIs include the one for Vidyoweb mentioned above, and a set of desktop client GUI APIs. The vidyodesktop platform is compatible with Mac, Windows and certain versions of Linux.

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