A View From My Seat API: A Stadium Seat with a View is no Longer Seat of the Pants

You want season tickets. But how can you commit to parking your butt in a seat the entire season just by relying on a seating chart? Or what if you just want the seat for one event? You've still got the same problem: Is it the best choice available for the money? A View From My Seat API crowd sources photos from individual seat in stadiums, allowing fans the chance to look at the view they are buying. The API makes it possible for stadium owners to merge photos with their seating charts.

The fans take the photos and upload them through an app. Aviewfrommyseat.com checks every photo before it appears in their app, widgets and API to make sure it is family safe for viewing by all ages.

Isaac Rauch at Deadspin offered an interesting illustration of how the photos can be used. He showed two photos taken by fans at the Barclays Center for a Nicks game, both from very high up. One was dead center, the second a few seats over. Not that much different. But the price is, he points out:

"If the $255 tickets selling on StubHub for section 225 (pictured above) strike you as a bit steep, why not move slightly to the left, over to the cozy confines of section 226, and pay only $231?"

This gives a sense of how precisely fans can calibrate a view to their wallet.

In an interesting twist, Aviewfrommyseat.com rates the influence of fans by assigning a score based on how many photos they upload and from how many different venues they post from.

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