VigLink APIs: Monetizing Links is Just the First Step in Using Clickstream Data

VigLink is an ecommerce tech company helping monetize links and referrals from a publisher’s websites, social media platforms and mobile apps. VigLink’s API products are helping the company appeal to a wider audience of tech-savvy ecommerce businesses who are looking to integrate VigLink’s services directly into their online shopfronts and blogs.

ProgrammableWeb spoke with Oliver Roup, Founder and CEO of VigLink about how the company’s core market are making use of the ecommerce APIs.

VigLink uses a linking technology to help online content publishers monetize their referrals. With VigLink, bloggers, app developers and online retailers can insert VigLink-generated links that help automatically allocate affiliate and sales commissions to the publisher. The company’s APIs include an Affiliation API and the VigLink Catalog API.

As the Google Shopping API reaches retirement, VigLinks Catalog API may offer online retailers an alternative. The Catalog API allows access to a searchable database of products that includes information on prices, images, and product descriptions. Data is sourced from Popshops and other sources and updated at least daily.

VigLink’s Affiliation API allows publishers and app developers to monetize specific links. By calling the Affiliation API at click time, VigLink monetizes eligible clicks on-demand. According to VigLink CEO Oliver Roup:

“The API allows affiliates to monetize any click to any merchant. It solves the problem of social commerce websites who deal with lots of merchants. Normally, that’s a very difficult process that requires lots of Integration.”

Roup believes the consumers of VigLinks APIs are often tech-savvy affiliates and publishers who use the APIs directly on their website to personalize some product content, such as what data is shown when a returning customer visits the homepage. It is in how this data will be used by the industry that Roup believes is an untapped opportunity:

“All the ecommerce companies like us are selling the data that the click has occurred. Everyone sees the value but no one has really figured out how to derive knowledge from this data yet.”

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