Viki Video: Over 10,000 Videos in 150 languages Means Never Having to Say Rerun

Tired of American TV? Tired of TV in English? Escape to Viki, the leading global TV and movie network, which provides videos with crowd sourced translations in 150 languages. The Viki API allows your users to browse more than 10,000 videos by genre, country, and language, plus search across the entire database. They have over 1 billion views. The API uses OAuth2.0 Authentication, REST, with responses in either JSON or XML.

Viki has a simple but powerful story about its founding,

"Viki was born as a joint class project between Harvard and Stanford graduate students who wanted to remove barriers to popular entertainment, regardless of language or country of origin. Today, our team is as diverse as Viki itself -- entrepreneurs, technologists and pop-culture fans from China, Egypt, England, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam and the United States. We share a passion for discovering and enjoying great content from around the world and building communities of like-minded people."

Available through Hulu, Netflix and others along with its own site, the potential audience exploded in 2012. As Ingrid Lunden reports in Techcrunch, Viki signed a nonexclusive deal with China's Renren to run content through a site called Vikizone,

"The deal not only promises a new swathe of Chinese viewers to the Viki — Renren has 160 million registered users in the country and will be promoting VikiZone heavily to them — but it is also a mark of how Chinese online video sites and consumers’ tastes are becoming more international, and are looking for more professional content to meet that demand."

The deal with Renren is for a portion of the Viki catalog, set up in all likelihood to comply with Chinese censors. Content is free and ad supported, though pay per view, that could help secure the best content, is not out of the question. Launched in 2010 and having raised over $20 million from the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, BBC worldwide, Greylock partners, among others.

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