Villarenters API: So Many Villas, So Little Time

Are you a developer with users looking for something a bit more roomy and a longer stay than most AirBnB accommodation provides? The Villarenters API could be just the ticket. 28,000 homes in 76 different countries, Villarenters are now accessible through the SOAP/ XML API. You can search for availability, locations, and most importantly, reviews.

Villarenters makes it fun, from the looks of their website, featuring answers to questions like Need Inspiration? that showcases the range of what a vacation can look like.

Like AirBnB, you can rent smaller places, apartments for example. And like many such services, it's part of the share economy, chronicled in Forbes, Airbnb And The Unstoppable Rise Of The Share Economy. People are now able to rent out a seemingly endless string of personal assets from rooms to bikes to ... yourself, through outlets like Taskrabbit.

Competition is intensifying, with consolidation taking place. Avis just paid $500 million for Zipcar, for example.

Concerning Villarenters, as Linda Fox of Tnooz explains, two people from the company left to start PathwayGDS, which has a different business model focused on B2B. Their claim to differentiation is that

"...other players in the space don’t offer the ability for distributors to sell the product directly to consumers online. In this way, travel agents, OTAs and tour operators can dramatically increase their product offering in a cost-effective and scalable way."

Clearly these competitive skirmishes will fuel even greater innovation--and consumer choice--in the years ahead.

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