Vimeo to Add tus Resumable Upload Protocol to its API

Video sharing Platform Vimeo has announced plans to add the tus resumable upload protocol to the Vimeo API in late 2017. Developers will be able to build applications with the updated Vimeo API that provide new ways to upload videos and allow users to upload videos to Vimeo in multiple sessions. Developers will also be able to use tus client implementations in their preferred language and test applications locally.

tus is an open source project that aims to solve the problem of unreliable file uploads. It is a new open protocol for resumable uploads that is platform agnostic and supports any language and network. The protocol is built on HTTP so it can be easily integrated with websites and applications.

In the company announcement, developer Peixian Wang writes that "We decided to use tus in our upload Stack because the tus protocol standardizes the process of uploading files in a concise and open manner. This standardization will allow API developers to focus more on their application-specific code, and less on the upload process itself."

Because Vimeo will be using the open source tus server implementation, developers will be able to set up and run the tus server on their own machine and test applications locally without having to make Vimeo API requests.

The tus resumable upload protocol will be available via the Vimeo API late this year, and the existing upload process will be deprecated. The company has no plans to turn off the existing upload process at this time.

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