Viralheat Human Intent API- To buy or not to buy

Here is a follow up interview with Raj Kadam, CEO of Viralheat API whom we have interviewed on the Sentiment Analysis API here. In 2012, Viralheat had about 30 billion calls over all its' APIs. Viralheat just announced a new API called Human Intent API.

PW- What made your team decide to go in for a new API, and particularly Human Intent since the existing API is doing well.

VH-Last year, we released our Sentiment Analysis API and it is doing really well but we never did the same for Human Intent. Human Intent technology is pretty interesting because as social media mention volumes go up, brands are really struggling to surface insights that drive revenue. Human Intent promises to change all that by allowing brands to filter down large volumes of data just to actionable mentions that have the ability to drive revenue. Viralheat customers have been using this technology for a long time but we also think this technology can be applied to other verticals. So that was our main driver in making it available. We are really excited to see what developers can do with it.

PW- Given the huge number of calls on your API, what are some of the interesting aggregate data about the Internet that you gauge.

VH- One of the biggest trends we have been seeing over the last few years is that people are no longer engaging with brands by traditional avenues. When they have a problem with a product they simply go on social to complain or ask for help. It doesn't stop with traditional email and phone support. How consumers discovering new products and services is also changing and social is increasingly influencing those decisions.

For brands, this means that 1-800 numbers and website traffic is only one component of a comprehensive customer engagement strategy.

PW- What are some potential use cases or case studies of using Human Intent API for business and enterprises.

VH- The biggest use cases for Human Intent is surfacing sales leads. For example, let's say you tweet, "I just broke my iPhone." Viralheat's Human Intent technology will take that piece of text and identify it as a lead since you clearly are in the market for a new phone. Typically, brands will reach out to you and engage you with more information and a more tailored experience.

The great thing about Human Intent is that it also correctly identifies churn events. So if one of your current customers is really upset with your product or service, and might be on the verge of jumping ship over to a competitor, Human Intent will surface that as a lead. This gives you a great opportunity to delight customers or gain customers quickly.

PW- Describe your pricing strategy (free- premium, price points) for APIs. How and why do you choose a particular pricing strategy for APIs and what have been the result so far.

VH- We thought long and hard about this and we wanted to make sure every developer had an opportunity to try out Human Intent. On that note, we decided to give away 100 queries per day for free. Our goal is to make Human Intent the best it can be and we believe with the help of our developers, we can achieve that.

You can test out this new API here.

To buy or not to buy- Just Another (Viralheat) API call away!

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