Viralheat Turns It Up With Social Trends API

Just how much are people talking about Justin Bieber? How ga-ga are they for Lady Gaga? Viralheat has a Platform for tracking these sorts of social trends and now the data in over 4,000 searches is available for free. Today the company announced its new Social Trends Endpoint for the Viralheat API.

Viralheat's customers create searches for keywords they want to track across Twitter, Facebook, blogs and more. Then, some customers choose to share the resulting data via the Social Trends tool. The feature has been popular with both customers and would-be customers, so Viralheat has extended the same functionality via a new, free API call.

With the data, developers can create a glimpse of how any of the 4,000 searches is performing on social websites. The company has seen a lot of use in politics, sports and entertainment. Imagine, for example, election coverage with a comparison of the number of times each candidate has been mentioned. Co-founder Raj Kadam told us that custom real-time dashboards are one of the big reasons to release his company's data for free.

It's notable just how free Viralheat is making its new Share Trends API. There are no API keys or rate limits. Of course, Viralheat likely hopes that once developers work with its free data, that they become customers of its main product, which allows you to create your own searches (and optionally share them in the same way others have). That service starts at $9.99 per month, though a $29.99 per month account is required to use Viralheat's authenticated API.

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