Visible Measures Launches True Reach API to Enable Predictive Video Content Analytics

Visible Measures, a content advertising technology company, today announced the launch of the True Reach API, hoping to provide its advertising and technology partners access to Visible Measures’ database of five trillion data points on video content across more than 4,000 brands.

Visible Measures’ rich database provides data and insights into consumer behavior and attention across over 250 competitive product categories. This database enables real-time insight into how competitor brands perform against each other along with a predictive forecast into how the market will shape up in the coming months or quarters. These forecasts enable brands to more intelligently plan content advertising campaigns, maximizing their share of consumer attention while minimizing their share of spend.

Visible Measures’ database is unique in that it focuses on consumer-driven video consumption across dozens of video platforms. Visible Measures’ census-level data provides a view into how consumers engage with videos. With records of public activities related to branded video content such as views, shares, likes, comments, rating and viewer demographics, the database contains information on over 280,000 videos and 48 billion views. Additionally, partners leveraging the True Reach API can utilize any YouTube or Facebook video URL to query the API and get campaign-level data in return, such as total number of creative executions, video uploads, views, comments, ratings, and more.

“Today, Visible Measures leverages our data to provide partners with insights into their Share of Attention and Share of Spend,” said Brian Shin, CEO of Visible Measures. “With the release of Visible Measures’ True Reach API, these partners can now leverage this data for in-depth research within their own platforms, or programmatically as a powerful market signal.”

By leveraging Visible Measures’ video database, partners can analyze data going back up to eight years to compare historical video ads versus current campaigns. With the True Reach API, the most robust collection of video viewership data in the world can be channeled directly into partners’ platforms, making already powerful tools even better.

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