Visualizes Social Sentiment Coming to Enterprises in Real-time

It's surely a sign of APIs growing up when enterprise vendors are building tools to utilize them. Business management solutions company SAP AG has a new solution that helps businesses and organizations gain insights into market trends and customer sentiment in real-time. The "SAP Rapid-Deployment Solution for Sentiment Intelligence with SAP HANA" loads text data from any Web Channel that has a publicly available API. Once the data is into its system, SAP's software takes over.

Semantic analysis is applied using text data processing capabilities from SAP Data Services software. This solution allows decision-makers to visualize customers' sentiments toward their products and brands in real time from data sources such as Twitter and Facebook. This advanced analytics is achieved by using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software and the SAP HANA® Platform.

The SAP Rapid-Deployment Solution for Sentiment Intelligence is driven by SAP HANA, an implementation of in-memory database technology by SAP AG.

According to the SAP AG announcement, visualization of customers' sentiments includes:

  • Closely aligning market sentiment with sales campaigns, promotions and service activities.
  • Proactively improving customer satisfaction by listening, monitoring and responding in a timely manner.
  • Projecting sales and marketing trends to drive increased revenue.
  • Analyzing all types of unstructured data (e.g. HTML, XML and TXT files) residing in internal (intranet) or external (Internet) forums, blogs, wikis and company websites to derive insights for better business value.

Per Shawn Rogers, vice president of research, Enterprise Management Associates "As the amount of unstructured data – especially from social media sources – continues to grow, companies have the opportunity to really understand their customers if the information is captured and analyzed effectively."

Much of the data that exists in the world today is in unstructured form. The ability to extract and analyze real-time unstructured data helps companies make better and more competitive marketing decisions.

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