VitaDock Online API Monitors Vital Signs Across Mobile Devices

VitaDock includes a family of software applications and physical monitors that allow users to monitor vital data across multiple devices. VitaDock Online enables synchronization of VitaDock data (e.g. blood sugar, weight, temperature, etc.) between multiple apps and mobile devices. VitaDock Online released an the VitaDock API that allows developers to connect apps and websites to VitaDock Online.

VitaDock represents a unique and forward thinking approach to self maintenance healthcare. VitaDock has garnered extensive press and won numerous awards in its short existence. As the product continues to evolve via VitaDock Online, VitaDock stands to sit as a leader in ubiquitous access to healthcare.

The VitaDock Online API uses REST protocol and returns data in JSON data format. Developers can call from all data gathered from VitaDock devices (i.e. CardioDockGlucoDockTargetScale, and ThermoDock) or other data incorporated into the VitaDock Online database. Those interested can learn more at VitaDock's github page.

APIs continue to push industries into disruptive territory. With the products that VitaDock offers in conjunction with its API capabilities, vital tests can be run and analyzed at a fraction of traditional cost. VitaDock has exceeded the expectations of Medisana's Managing Director (Ulrich Schulze): "Our concept to combine the smartphone with medical measuring devices and make it a lifestyle product using a great app design." With more products and capabilities to come, the VitaDock family should continue to innovate and empower.

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