Vivocha Answers the Call: Customer Service as Your Edge

Online retail often neglects customer service. Vivocha supplies all the good tools, like live chat and the ability of the customer service rep to see what you are looking at on your screen (with your permission). Beyond that, there are a host of other tools that the customers never see but are critical boosters of productivity, like click to call. The Vivocha API is out to up the customer service game for every business. Its REST API offers access to most of its multichannel features. It joins 43 customer service APIs in our directory.

The API can be used for things like subscribing to Webhooks and setting up a custom Web Service to check agent availability. Analytics backs it all up so you can measure your conversion/ success rate.

These people are serious about greeting your business with a smile. Because it is cloud-based, set up takes minutes. No coding required. And, of course, they'll guide you through it. Plus, they work well with others, like the famous help desk Platform Zendesk, the ecommerce site Magento, and Hybris, a provider of enterprise solutions for multi-channel commerce and more.

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