VoiceBase Updates its Speech Analytics API

VoiceBase, a provider of AI-powered speech analytics, yesterday announced an update to its Speech Analytics API, which organizations can use to evaluate and categorize voice calls.

The first update consists of a Categorization Engine that is capable of categorizing calls in near real-time. VoiceBase says that it is capable of applying categorization for hundreds of categories across millions of calls per day.

The second update consists of the addition of an SQL-like Query Language called VoiceBase Query language, or VBQL. Using VBQL, VoiceBase customers can analyze calls in great detail. In addition to being able to query for words spoken in a call, VBQL also allows customers to identify temporal patters, such as speaker turns, over-talk, and word and phrase substitutions. 

Data delivered by the VoiceBase Speech Analytics API can be incorporated into custom-built applications as well as a number of business intelligence (BI) solutions using VoiceBase's new BI Connector. The goal of the updated API is to help customers better understand calls so that they can build scorecards, reports, dashboard and key performance indicators (KPIs).

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