Voices.com: An API for Voice Talent

Voices.com is an online marketplace for voice-over talent, where clients looking for actors to provide narration for commercials, documentaries, video games and the like can search for that talent. Clients can listen to audio samples, post specific jobs and hear auditions for those jobs from actors who have signed up for the service. Voices.com has a global database of over 20,000 voice actors in over 100 languages.

The company has released an API for its service to allow outside developers "to build more sophisticated applications around Voices.com's services and content." The main thrust is for developers to offer different mechanisms for searching for voices, to make "finding the perfect voice to record a voice-over faster, easier and more accessible." You can get details at our new Voices.com API Profile page.

The documentation examples in the developer site show REST calls, mainly POST requests, and XML-RPC responses, although SOAP is also supported. The calls allow for read access to the database tables - actors, clients, jobs, auditions, and transaction status. For write access, the API can create jobs and associated audio files, and accept an audition.

Chief Executive David Ciccarelli says that "developers.. are encouraged to profit from the resulting work. Naturally, it will become our responsibility to look for ways to solidify a partnership."

And as another example of APIs on top of APIs: the Voices.com service uses Amazon S3 for storage and retrieval of the actor's audio samples.

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I thought this article was really interesting. I had no idea that a system like this had been created. I feel like this opens up a whole new avenue of opportunity for those actors interested in making it this competitive world. They may not have the money or ability to travel, but nearly everyone has a cell phone or computer in which you could send a sound bite and potentially find a job. Employers were smart to go in this direction. Nt only does it give them an up-front listen without having to personally meet or talk to a prospective employee, it brings the talent right to their door. They can follow through or simply discard the product and find clips from all over the world. I feel like this is a new way for voices to be heard that might not have gotten the chance otherwise!