VoiceSell Pitches Secure Voice Support to eCommerce Vendors

Don't let the name fool you: VoiceSell will not sell your voice data to third-party entities. In fact, quite the opposite. The company, which emerged from stealth today, offers e-commerce vendors a secure way to add voice support to their web sites and services. The idea is to improve accessibility and security at the same time. 

Support for voice is quickly becoming vital for all businesses. With the proliferation of voice assistants from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, people are more accustomed to interacting with devices and services directly via speech. This has been a boon for accessibility. 

VoiceSell has spent a decade developing a Natural Language Process (NLP) for e-commerce. The company says its NLP engine is robust, fully private, and essentially turnkey for web sites. It supports 35 different languages

The most critical issue here is owning the interaction and resulting data. VoiceSell's NLP engine is wholly contained, meaning shoppers' voices are not transmitted back and forth to vendors such as Amazon or Google. Many of today's voice-supported services require a turn-around on Google's servers, where Google can store the conversation. VoiceSell specifically notes that "retailers continue to own their customer relationships, conversations, and transaction details."

VoiceSell's service requires almost no programming to get up and running. The company says its NLP engine overlays just about any online store with full voice navigation and an interactive agent with which customers can pose questions. Web site owners will not need to redesign their sites to accommodate VoiceSell. Thet service supports the entire purchasing process, such as browsing, searching, and checking out — all without necessitating a keyboard. The service boosts ADA compliance for visually disabled shoppers.

"VoiceSell is a completely new approach to giving retailers a uniquely private and robust voice experience," said Mike McEvoy, CEO of VoiceSell, in a prepared statement. "VoiceSell uses its NLP and AI technology to painlessly analyze a customer’s web site and instantly create a robust interactive voice and visual experience that is totally private, edge-processed and secure." 

The service itself is now officially in beta testing and VoiceSell expects to fully launch during the second quarter. It will initially support the Magento, DemandWave, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Kibo commerce platforms. What's not yet clear is what APIs — if any — are involved, nor what sort of pricing structure is on deck. More details should become available over time.

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