VoiceShot API: Keeping The Lines Of Communication Open

When it comes to winning customers and keeping them satisfied, communication is key. Integrating phone calls and text messages into an application or website is one way to stay actively in touch, and VoiceShot is a tool to help make that possible. VoiceShot IVR (Interactive Voice Response) provides the tools to quickly automate both incoming and outgoing phone calls and send and receive text messages. The VoiceShot API allows developers to integrate this IVR functionality with their own websites and applications.


The VoiceShot service allows users to easily put their customers in touch with the relevant people or data they are trying to reach instantly. Users can also send notifications, automate customer service, provide order statuses or integrate with their own custom applications to provide a service customized to their specific needs. VoiceShot achieves this by providing a powerful suite of telephony tools including interactive voice prompts, calls transfer, text to speech capabilities, key press verification, conditional call branching, detailed call statistics, caller ID, key press gathering, voicemail, after hours or holiday messages, call scheduling, and music or message on hold options.

VoiceShot's REST API makes this data available to developers who may want to use it in other websites or applications. It makes it possible to send notifications, automate customer service, convey order statuses, and more. Those interested can contact the company for further information.

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