VoltShare Brings API-based, Keyless Encryption to Enterprise Apps

Volterra, a distributed cloud solutions provider, has introduced VoltShare. VoltShare is an end-to-end, encrypted data sharing solution. It is available as software, an API, or SDK. It is used in conjunction with existing data-sharing platforms (e.g. Slack, Dropbox, etc.), and aims to both simplify and increase security over other Encryption services on the market today.

Enterprise-grade encryption has traditionally required an encryption algorithm and the sharing of passwords or PGP keys. This relies on keeping track of keys and sharing over potentially unsecured networks. VoltShare doesn't use passwords for decrypting shared information. Instead, the recipient uses their email address, and VoltShare ensures security through broad policy-based controls. Encrypted data remains local to the devices, and is never shared with the Volterra cloud.

To encrypt data through VoltShare, files can be dragged and dropped to VoltShare or typed directly into VoltShare. Next, the user configures the recipients to whom the encrypted information will be shared with. Part of that process includes configuring the validity settings. Once encrypted, the file is sent and the party set to receive the data simply enters email information to decrypt the file.

Volterra has already published pre-built integrations with popular apps including Slack, Dropbox, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and more. However, Integration possibilities with other enterprise apps are available through the API and SDK. To learn more, visit the API docs.

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