Volvo Cars Launches Innovation Platform, Fueled by APIs

Volvo Cars has announced an all-new open data Platform that provides developers and researchers with access to valuable resources pertaining to automobile data, LiDAR specifications, and more. The Volvo Cars Innovation Platform is free for non-commercial use.

In recent days, various automakers have announced their intentions to aggressively move toward the electrification of their product ranges. This movement is adding momentum to a digital transition for the automotive industry, where increasingly cars are viewed as connected platforms for entertainment, productivity, and revenue generation. With this in mind, Henrik Green, CTO at Volvo Cars noted that:

“Our cars are becoming increasingly smarter and more connected, and with that comes a growing demand for apps and services among our customers. By making these resources publicly available, we support developers in- and outside our company, and collaborate with the best of the best in their fields.

These resources are being exposed via Volvo Car’s new Innovation Platform which includes the company’s first public-facing API. This API, when authorized by a vehicle owner, provides third-party access to “dashboard data” including charge/fuel level, distance traveled, windows and doors, rooftop or sunroof, and light status. 

The platform also exposes, in collaboration with Luminar, Volvo’s LiDAR dataset which can be used by researchers to help train long-range LiDAR detection algorithms. The company has published Documentation for the platform that provides additional technical information

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