Vonage Introduces Number Programmability for Business Cloud Platform

Vonage recently announced Number Programmability capability for its Vonage Business Cloud (VBC) Platform. Number Programmability leverages Nexmo APIs to intelligently program any VBC phone number. The VBC phone number gains a host of functionality including automated virtual reception, intelligent transcription, meeting scheduler, and more.

"Vonage Number Programmability provides enterprises with unprecedented capabilities to customize communications applications with common web technologies to fuel transformation," Jay Patel, Vonage SVP of Product Management, commented in a press release. "Vonage is blurring the boundaries between business communications applications by leveraging cloud unified communications and contact center capabilities with communications APIs, all build from a single Stack."

VBC numbers become more functional, but users will gain more features on their end-user communication devices as well. Number Programmability is built on cloud architecture that provides scalability and nimble Integration. Vonage has already seen innovative integrations with products from Jira, IBM's Watson, Google and more.

Number Programmatically empowers VBC numbers through the Nexmo API suite. Capabilities include automated virtual receptionist for call routing, call transcription for upload to CRM or elsewhere, robot-enabled meeting scheduler, AI-enabled translator, and the feature list will continue to grow. Number Programmatically is not yet available. Vonage introduced it this week at Enterprise Connect in Orlando.

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