Vonage Launches Nexmo Messages API and Dispatch API

Vonage, a cloud communications Platform provider, has announced the beta release of the Nexmo Messages API and Nexmo Dispatch API. Nexmo is an API platform that provides a number of tools developers can use to add contextual communications capabilities to applications. Among the developer tools provided by the Nexmo API platform by Vonage are Voice API, SMS API, SDKs, CLI tool, and libraries in six different languages (Ruby, PHP, Python, Node, Java, .NET).
The Nexmo Messages API (beta) allows businesses to integrate social chat services with applications using a single API. The API provides access to a number of social chat platforms and traditional communication tools including (but not limited to) Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, MMS, and SMS. The Messages API is an abstracted API which means that the complexities of managing multiple communications APIs are abstracted so that the API is as easy to use as possible. Developers don’t have to manage multiple communications APIs or worry about Scaling and API updates. 

The Nexmo Dispatch API (beta) allows developers to add a fallback mechanism if the first message for a specific chat channel fails to reach the recipient. Businesses can use this API to create a customized communication flow so that messages are sent and delivered successfully. Businesses can also use the API to determine which communication channels customers prefer and the channels that provide the best ROI.

"At Vonage, we understand how valuable, but also how challenging, it is for companies to seamlessly communicate with their customers, no matter what new messaging channels emerge," said Omar Javaid, Chief Product Officer for Vonage, in a prepared statement. "Together, the Messages API and Dispatch API empower companies with the agility and control required to quickly and easily integrate strategic new channels, and to ensure message delivery, every time. This frees companies to focus on what matters most - delivering engaging customer experiences to drive better business outcomes."

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